Poetry by Steven

A small selection of poems, a sample of the work that will be in Steven’s upcoming book of poetry entitled, “Lines of Night and Light”

Alabaster goddess
Carved by strange tools
Hammer of cruelty
Chisel of neglect
Wielded by
Graceless hands
Ignorant of the 
Invaluable material
Being struck 
Harsh blows
A cascade of 
Sad stone tears
Still revealing
A masterpiece
Of elegant beauty


Millions of unheard voices
Screaming in silence
For their stories
To be heard
Afraid to speak
Trembling as they fall
As leaves in the autumn wind
Their song goes unheeded
Lost to apathetic ears
Listen to them
Believe them

Will you miss me
When I’m gone

When the
Door closes
One last time
The sheets 
On my side
Turn cold
When my voice 
Becomes an echo
Of a memory
My face an
Insubstantial blur
My life a thing
My avatar a

Tell me
Will you miss me

I sing myself a nursery rhyme
For sleep I do despise
Four and twenty blackbirds
Came pecking out my eyes

Now my sight has left me
The dark it feels so nice
The only friends to comfort me
Are these three blind mice

Question always circling
Am I alive or am I dead?
What lives inside my thoughts
Grinds my dreams to make their bread

Will I ever break this cycle?
Maybe I don’t know when
And much like Humpty-Dumpty
I won’t be whole again

Sleep well, children…